Tanks Project is a free Massively Multiplayer Online Game that is being developed by players for players.
It is a bloodless game that even children can play – battle of the tanks from World War II and… several fancy tanks.
Tanks Project is a Play to Earn game as well, or rather a Play and Earn game as no investment is required from players to enter the game and play and earn.
Due to the fact that it is offered for free, there are no costs for players to enter its environment. However, there are also paid items in the game: premium and fancy tanks, amber (in-game virtual currency) and other paid items. Now with attractive discounts in our shop!

I have a lot of experience playing similar game. Since I have been playing over 150k tanks battles I really know how it should be done. Besides, I’m not deaf to the voices of the players. That is why I believe that I can make an excellent game, deliver great fun and the best experience ever.

Arnold Buzdygan