* Which means the game is Play and Earn?

  1. You can start earn just NOW!  On the day you subscribe to the Newsletter, you will start increasing your ranking which makes it more and more valuable, because it is a multiplier of the received awards, benefits and items in game.
  2. Also, if you buy a premium or fancy tank, its ranking will start to increase immediately, as if you were already playing intensively. Therefore, it is worth doing it as soon as possible.
  3. After start battles each minute you play, each tournament victory, each completing a challenge (task) increases your ranking – so you get bigger rewards.
  4. In tournaments you can win $$$, amber and various unique and valuable items. You can sell it on our – or other – marketplace.
  5. Playing battles you can find very valuable items. Its randomly, just luck. But the more you play the more chances you have.
  6. Royalties from viewing battles in which you fought, no matter who publishes them and where they are published  (on our sites or on youtube etc.). To the end of the world and one day longer.

All is NFTs! 
And you can sell it at any time on marketplace because in this game everything you have belongs to you.

No more remorse about the time you spend playing!

* Where will the money come from in the game, is it a Ponzi scheme as many other blockain games p2e?

Its not pyramid scheme, because the game has outside inflows of money, sale of goods, fees and does not set  the scale of possible revenues for players.
1. The Support Fund is financed by advertisers, sponsors, part of the royalties from battle views and part of the Tanks Projects revenue: player purchases, also real items – T-shirts, collector’s kits, model kits, etc.
2. Awards are funded by sponsors, the Support Fund, and by the players themselves, who pay for participation in the tournament (as in chess tournaments etc.). The sum of the tournament fees becomes the prize (minus 10% “tax” for Tanks Project).

* What will be the game modes?

Normal : Random 1v1, 3v3, 6v6,12v12, 24v24 players
Pure : only for World War II tanks, random 1v1, 3v3, 6v6, 12v12, 24v24 players
Platoon/teams in this battles can have 3, 6 or 12 players.

Open : no limit players (min and max) not to be equal.
Battle creator can setup many, many parameters – free, cost or deposit, wich nation(s) vs nation(s), clan(s) vs clan(s), specific tanks, time (or for infinity) etc. etc.

* Will there be artillery in the game?

If YES then only max 1 in battle (except Free Mode).  No arty = shit party 😉
The Beast tank, which also fires from an artillery mortar, does not count towards this limit.
But Beast, due to price this tank, will rarely be seen in battles.

* Will be there tanks with autoloaders?


* Will the clan creation be paid?

Yes, but there will be a small charge as a safeguard against spam and name occupation.

Players can choose up to 3 languages, 3 nations, 3 clans and 3 teams (independent of each other).
And change it if they want to.
Nations and clans have no membership limits.
Teams can have from 3 to 24 members.

* What is Chibi Tank!?

It’s a fancy tank-bomb.
It can stay and wait almost invisible (like a mine) for enemy tanks and quickly drive up to them when they get close, and then explode dealing serious damage or even destroying tanks near the explosion.
Easier to detect and destroy by Minenräumer.

*What is amber.

In-game currency that can be earn or won in contests and tournaments or bought.