There is 1 000 000 TanksProject Token (TPG) on Polygon blockain  that have the following benefits:

* 5% of the game revenue not only the net profit, but 5% of all revenues, will be transferred to token holders until the end of the world and one day longer.

* Earning by ranking increase. Each Tanks Project Token will receive a code that will increase the ranking with time of any object in the game (player, tank, etc.). Ranking is a multiplier of the received benefits and normally increases with the number of minutes played, the tournaments won and completing in-game challenges. This code is NFT too, and can be used or trade.

* 100 Tanks Project Token will receive a code for unique premium tank in game, only for owners TanksProject tokens. You will need to deposit 100 tokens during the code allocation period (3 days). Of course, you do not lose your tokens. This code is NFT too, and can be used or trade.

* Rigths to decide on the game.  Each token gives 1 vote.

* Each Tanks Project Token will receive code for 10g Amber (10€ normal price)–  on official launch of the game. Of course we are talking about in-game currency here. You will need to deposit  tokens during the code allocation period (3 days). You do not lose your tokens.

* Other benefits  when will be established in the future.

There are 3 methods of obtaining a TPG:

  1. You can buy tokens directly from us paying by bank transfer. 
    If you can pay by bank transfer you have to email us in advance how many units you want to buy and receive confirmation of their booking.
    In Europe  you can choose SEPA as the transfer mode (it’s cheap). Don’t forget to provide your email in the title of the transfer, we will contact with you.
    Info about our bank account is here..
  2. You can sent on our crypto adress any popular cryptocurrencies on ethereum/polygon blockchain, wich we can convert on MATIC.
    Our crypto adress is:  0x3e66eCE061282196E107CA95564cCa1BF73d0f48

    We will convert these payment amount into TPG tokens (5 MATIC = 1 TPG ) and we will send you TPG on your crypto adress from which you made the payment.
    Setup your wallet on POLYGON blockchain and add TPG asset in your wallet using this contract adress:
  3. You can just directly buy, sell, trade and add liquidity on Firebird Finance DEX 

If you have any questions read FAQ or write to us, comment below or ask on discord.
Questions and answers are moved after month to FAQ section.